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SBS Testimonials

"Hi, I'm Kelsey...

... an insurance agent with Senior Benefit Services. My journey started with SBS while I was going to school at the University of Missouri. I had the opportunity to intern with SBS and learned so much! Between flexible hours, amazing team members, meeting new people daily, and helping those in need - there are SO many reason to love this job!"

"As an intern, we worked daily with career agents so we could better understand the industry and feel confident when talking to potential clients."

"I had the opportunity to make as much money as I wanted, just like an agent. Not only did I get paid hourly as an intern, I also received a bonus for every sale I assisted in making. If you stay motivated, you have the chance to have a very profitable summer!"

"Every client I talk to, I get the opportunity to educate and make an impact in their lives. It's encouraging to know that many people out there need and appreciate our services. Not many companies take care of their clients with the honesty and compassion that SBS does."




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