Senior Benefit Services (SBS) is the career division of MMG, Inc. SBS offers the opportunity for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to take control of their income and shape their career path through our promising sales career opportunities.

At SBS we have the ability to provide an important service to seniors and strive to set the standard for what it means to be successful in our industry. Our career agents put a priority on building relationships with clients while also helping them navigate the health and life insurance markets so that they are able to make the right choices to fit their needs. 

Every single day Medicare beneficiaries miss out and lose many of the benefits they may be eligible for due to a lack of explanation, being misled by others, or confusion on the overload of information they receive daily. These missed opportunities can have devastating effects on people’s estate, savings, and future financial stability.

We provide clients with tailored life and health insurance solutions for their individual needs, while our office support team upholds an exceptional level of service to help keep those clients happy customers for life.  We offer a team environment to support you in your individual efforts throughout your career!


(800) 627-2768  |   801 Gray Oak Drive Columbia, MO 65201

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